Within the context of the therapeutic program at ENA, psychologists offer support for the promotion of the child’s psychological health. It is often the case that children may present certain behaviours that perplex their parents, and which cannot be dealt with through the usual guidance and schooling channels.

The child psychology programme is addressed to children of pre-school and school age and aims at the social and emotional expression of the child, the development of their social and cognitive skills, as well as the promotion of their self-confidence.

The above are achieved through symbolic and free play, social stories and role playing.


Moreover, either in combination with one-to-one sessions with the child, or in private sessions, our centre affords the opportunity of parent support by a psychological health specialist. The aim of these sessions is to help parents understand, come to terms with and eventually deal with the difficulties they face with their child. Examples of behaviours that are problematic within the family are sibling relations, bullying, setting boundaries and insubordination, school performance and studying, the existence of a health issue, etc.

These sessions revolve around the emotional and psychological well-being of the child, which can only be achieved if the parents themselves are supported in assuming a new role in their parenting within a context of acceptance and support.

These sessions are effected as often as the individual needs of the particular child and/or particular family require.

The psychologist works in collaboration with all the other specialists that may work with the child, as well as with our centre’s child psychologist with a view to offering a multifaceted and comprehensive therapeutic intervention with regard to the difficulties that the child and the family experience.